How to Write a Song For Beginners

Lyrics 101

  • Introduction
  • Practical Method
  • Date:: 12 May, 2021
  • Genre:: Ballad


Hello and thank you for reading my notes on how to write lyrics for a new song. My name is Wes Senter. I am the co-founder of Songwriters Portal Intl. LLC. I have written over 200 songs with instrumental tracks, mixed and mastered. Am I an expert? I would not say that I am. However, I do know what music industry professionals are looking for in today’s climate.

Our company “Songwriters Portal” helps songwriters pitch their music to music industry professionals around the globe every day. We have successfully placed songwriters with many recording artists and continue to do this every day.

This document is a practical method of learning from a bird's eye view. I would advise that you purchase a guitar and learn the basic chords. It is easier to write a song if you can hear the music.