Songwriters Success Stories


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Contract Signing Day

Shown on this page are a few of our songwriters who have signed one or more contracts with Major Recording Artists. We, at Songwriters Portal never stop working on getting your music in front of producers, record executives, recording artists, and others.

The songwriters shown are real members of Songwriters Portal who have recently acquired recording contracts with various artists. Most use our publishing branch of the company to secure the rights. We are affiliated with Harry Fox, BMI, and ASCAP.

April 2020. Songwriter: Allison Kaio

Carlene and Marilyn Contract Signing

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Getting Signed is a Time to Celebrate

Songwriters Portal is hard at work behind the scenes for our members.

January 2020. Songwriters: Carlene McDearis Wentworth and Marilyn Oakley

January 2020. Songs Signed: One More Song / Spitfire and Whiskey


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Contract Signing Day

Karl Sky signing a new contract with a Country Music Artist. Karl has been with Songwriters Portal just over 3 months.

Songwriters Portal has successfully signed twelve songwriters with recording artists in the past month.

Songwriters Portal is a Song Placement Service and Music Publishing Company.

March 2020. Songwriter: Karl Sky