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What We Can Do If You Can't Sing

Hey don’t feel bad, some of the best songs ever written were by writers who were not musicians. That shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream of being a professional song writer.

After all, you know you’re song is great! We can provide you with our Professional Vocals Services. Just send us two MP3's. One with vocals and one without vocals. Email those to us along with your lyrics and we will have our professional singer create your vocal track. We will then mix and master the song for free and send you the completed song. All rights belong to you.

About Our Singer Grant Vogelfanger
CCMA nominated professional singer
Canadian Country Billboard Top Ten Hit
Worked with multiple major label Grammy nominated songwriters
Has his own professionally set up studio
He focus's on the quality of the work
You retain all rights to the completed song
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Professional Vocal Service Fees


Single Vocal Track


  • Single Vocal Track
  • Professional Singer
  • Grant Vogelfanger
  • CCMA Nominated
  • Allow 1 Week


Vocal w/Harmony


  • Vocal Track
  • Harmony Track
  • Grant Vogelfanger
  • CCMA Nominated
  • Allow 1 Week

In-Studio Demo


  • Professional Musicians
  • Professional Singer
  • Professional Mastering
  • Just Send Your Song
  • Radio Ready

Song Ready Tracks


  • Fully Produced Tracks
  • Ready To Add Vocals
  • You Retain All Rights
  • We Can Mix For You
  • 24X7 Support