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Wes Senter

Director of Tech Services for Songwriters Portal International LLC

I am a partner and director for an independently owned songwriter's services company called Songwriter's Portal International LLC. We are an International songwriter's services and publishing company with offices in multiple locations in the contenental United States. Working with Songwriter's Portal gives me the ability to design commercially viable platforms that can be used by songwriters to greatly increase the odds of getting their music in front of music industry professionals.

My job is to help music professionals achieve their goals while having outstanding support along the way. I do this by staying in touch with our members.

The designer of Songwriter’s Portal, Co-Owner and President of Technical Services. Wes began writing and recording music fifteen years ago. This was a part-time endeavor for him to see if he could "write". Wes is currently ranked #1 in Fredericksburg, Texas and #3 in San Antonio, Texas for the most listened to americana music.

To date, he is approaching 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. His career spanned forty years as a Network Engineer/Architect, a Program Designer for many large companies, and an IBM Systems Programmer. He has developed many commercial duty applications for the medical industry and retail stores.

He has worked for several fortune 100 companies. These include General Dynamics/Lockheed, Bell Helicopter/Textron, Haliburton, and Saks 5th Ave. He owned two computer stores in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas with sales exceeding $2.8 million per year. He wholeselled computer parts to the Tandy Corp and Michael Dell before Michael created Dell.

Wes stated "Songwriter's Portal is a perfect marriage of the music industry and internet technology." It was hard work to get the Portal to this point, but Wes believes that it is ready to tackle any size songwriter audience. A mountain of technology went into the design, monitoring, and measuring of traffic for Songwriter's Portal. Over a thousand hours and twenty-thousand lines of code went into the creation of the portal. It has not stopped at this point.

“As your environment changes and you don’t change with it, you will soon be extinct". We have created an innovative process for managing songwriter's music from start to finish. Instant Communications/Notifications is Key and that is exactly what we provide.

Wes Senter- President of Technical Services.

Why Wes Senter?


I work for songwriter's like you, folks who are tired of companies who don't keep you informed on the status of your song submissions. We never charge our songwriter's a commission on their songs unless they have us handle the publishing.


I am the co-owner of Songwriter's Portal. We have multiple locations and two professional recording studios. I treat our songwriter's as I would want to be treated. "Integrity" comes to mind.


Whether you're just starting out in songwriting, already established, or in between, you deserve access to the best support available.

Invest with professionals to achieve your songwriting goals!

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