Brian Hedges

The Songwriters Portal Spotlight is on Brian Hedges for January 2021

Brian Hedges was told by Johnny Cash that his songs had "Meat on the bone!!!!" Tom T. Hall called Hedges a "Storyteller!!!!" High praise from some legends for this Pioneer of the Oklahoma Red Dirt Music scene!!!! And even though Hedges has been writing for over 40 years...his catalog remains fresh and new!!!!

Brian Hedges is a multiple award winning singer/songwriter with recognition from The World Songwriting Awards and The International Singer Songwriters Association as well The Grammy Awards for his producing skills. With over 40 Independent cuts and a catalog of over 2,000 songs... there isn't a whole lot that this songwriter has not...or will tackle when it comes to the Music Industry!!!!

"I could not be happier than to have Cam and Wes and the folks with Songwriter's Portal representing my body of work!!!! They are Family...and we have nowhere to go put to the top!!!!"

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