Songwriters Radio

Songwriter's Radio is more than a radio station. We are a dynamic art organization that provides a platform for up and coming songwriters to get their music played.

All songs that are loaded onto our radio station are distributed to other radio stations around the globe. Those stations also distribute the songs and on and on it goes. Eventually your songs will blanket the planet being heard by thousands of listeners in the United States and many other countries.

All songs streamed from Songwriters Radio are new songs, written and produced by our songwriter membership. This is an exciting offering for songwriters that want to get their music out there.

See the Top Countries where songs are playing currently.

United States70
United Kingdom65
Playing Your Music On The Radio
Take a look at the information listed below. This covers regulations involved in playing songs on the internet via an internet based radio station. It also includes general information about our radio distribution service. Click the Icon Above to Visit Songwriters Radio.
If a song being played from an internet based radio station is considered "commercial". Another words, it has been signed by an artist and licensed, royalty payments are due each time the song is played. Songwriters Portal does not pay royalties. We only accept non-commercial songs for play on Songwriters Radio.
Getting the legalities out of the way in the article above, let's discuss the distribution of your songs. All songs loaded on Songwriters Radio are automatically distributed to dozens of other large internet based radio stations who in turn distribute the songs on down the line. You end up covering the planet with your songs. This type of marketing, you can not beat given the low, low price we have set for our songwriters.
When we receive your songs for play on Songwriters Radio, an intro recording is first made. It introduces who you are, where you are from, and the names of the songs that are about to play. This playlist is then scheduled for specific times and dates. When the scheduled plays are not in force, your songs play randomly 24 hours per day.

You may ask, "How would a producer, hearing my song, contact you"?. Answer: Every external radio station that we connect to requires a lenghty approval process. They have all of our credentials. When a song is played, they are looking at a player of some type on their computer associated with a radio station that is displaying our company phone number, address, etc. All a producer has to do is pick up the phone and call us or email us. That simple.

Here are a few of the radio stations that we are partnered with. Streema, Streammiter, Streaming the Net, Radio Tower, Radioguide.FM, Live Online Radio, Live Radio IE, Live Radio UK,, and myRadio Tuner.

To get your songs on the radio, go to "Services -> Radio Distribution" on this website's main menu bar. Choose your plan. Plans start at $19 for one month of continuous plays. When we receive your order, it will take us approximetely one day to get your songs on the air.


About Songwriters Radio

Our Capacity

Songwriters Radio has a bandwidth capacity of 20 Terrabytes. Storage capacity is 20 Gigabytes, capable of storing thousands of songs. We can comfortably accomodate 15,000 listeners.

We want you to succeed

Songwriters Portal International LLC is constantly improving our services. We want to give our songwriters every opportunity to succeed without it costing you a lot money. Today's technology has made this possible. That and hard work. And, we have made some good friends along the way.

We provide qualified support

Support is available 24/7, and we are ready to help you with any issue that comes up. Get in touch via Chat,, phone, knowledge base, or email us directly.

What clients Say?

It's great having a service like Songwriters Portal to pitch your music and to get real time results of when a song is pitched to or played by an industry person. They are great at communicating if you have any questions or don't understand something. Very one on one when it comes to you as a songwriter and your songs.


Successful Songwriter

Songwriters Portal has efficiently streamlined the process of pitching my music. Their line of communication and friendliness has been excellent and I really couldn't ask for anything more in regards to a pitching service. Keep up the good work!!


Successful Songwriter

Now that I've had time to digest this news, I want to thank you guys for doing what you're doing. Your company is innovative and you're actually making it easier for the "little people" who aren't networked into Nashville to get a fair shot. I am really so grateful. Again, I can't thank you enough. What you're doing feels like new ground, and I suspect it's going to shake up the songwriting world.


Successful Songwriter

I know your busy but just wanted you to know I appreciate everything you guy's do at Songwriters Portal and the Great communications between everyone! I have several PPL pitching my songs and you are by far Professional, Kind, and that crazy work ethic that inevitably leads to success for all of us!


Successful Songwriter

Hi Guys...I just wanted to tell you both how excellent you guys have made this experience for me. You have made the song come alive and it sounds amazing! I am so pumped up to see where this goes and I will certainly be working with you guys again. Thank you both again. Freddy


Successful Songwriter

This is just another great reason to reach out to Cam and Wes at Songwriters Portal!!! They are the best to work with...I know that from experience...and if you walk away with a song cut, or placement in a film or television, or a publishing contract...that's fantistic!!! All I know is there are very few people standing on my front porch asking me for songs...these Guys get my music out there!!!


Successful Songwriter