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We have been helping songwriters get their songs in front of music professionals since our foundation. Members get their material pitched to Music insiders, Record Labels, Producers, Publishers, A&R Reps and Break-out Artist. The difference between the Single Song Pitch Service and our Membership is you can have us pitch one song for you. Your song will go out to music industry professionals every week for four weeks.

Here are the Details

To Pitch a Single Song.....

If you only have one song to pitch, this service is just right for you. The pitch process is no different from a members song pitch.

Only you know your situation best but I have to suggest the following since you may be un-aware. Did you know for only $9.95 more, you could sign up for a full membership. You can pitch four songs each month. You also have full access to the members portal. With access to the portal, you can login and view the status of all your songs. See when and to whom your song was pitched to. Enough said about that.

To get started, see the instruction list below.

How to Order a Single Song Pitch
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EMail your song and lyrics to wes@songwritersportal.com
We only accept .MP3 files, no .WAV file please
We will get started as soon as we receive your song Questions? Knowledge Base, Support Chat, Phone, Help Tickets

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Single Song Pitch

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Start by clicking the Buy Now button above. Once we receive your order, we will begin the pitch process. If you have questions, click LIVE CHAT below. $20.00.

Five Song Pitch

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Save $20. We will pitch five songs to music industry professionals. Support is available via phone, email, chat, knowledge-base, and the help desk. $$80.00