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Songwriting and Pitching Songs Do Not Come With Instructions.A referral is the Best compliment we can receive, if you enjoy working with us, please dont keep us a secret.

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Join our team of songwriters today at We go out of our way and burn the midnight oil every day to insure our clients are taken care of. Want to see what all the talk is about. Join our Membership and find out first hand.

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Songwriter's Portal is the perfect marriage between songwriter services and technology. We set out to achieve something very different and we did just that. The idea was that a songwriter could submit his or her song and know instantly what is going on with it from start to end. The songwriter is notified when any change takes place. From the initial song submission to the pitch process. The songwriter will see every step.


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We are a team of developers, musicians and marketing gurus who love what they do.

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