Songwriters Services
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Songwriters Services

Songwriters Services

Get your songs pitched today. Low cost month to month memberships. Highly rated member support. Get instant notification when your song is accessed.

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What are members saying about the Portal? We are fast!

Songwriter's Portal is the perfect marriage between songwriters services and technology. We set out to achieve something very different and we did just that. The idea was that a songwriter could submit his or her song and know instantly what is going on with it from start to end. The songwriter is notified when any change takes place. From the initial song submission to the pitch process. The songwriter will see every step.

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Take Full Control of Your Music


The Portal is comprised of approximately 25,000 lines of code. Our services run in one of the largest inter-connected data centers in the world. All servers are backed up daily. There are multiple redundant data circuits that service each location. Our uptime guarantee is 99.9%.


Using the Portal, upload four songs per month. Add your songs to the member's library (optional) for other members to hear. This is the first step in getting your songs heard by the music industry. Built in help guides you. Easy to use.


When you upload a song, it's initial status is set to NEW. A staff member is assigned your song for evaluation. The song's status is then changed to IN-REVIEW. If the song is considered commercially viable, it is APPROVED. If not it is DISAPPROVED.


Every APPROVED song is pitched to producers, publishers, artists, and others every week for as long as you are a member. The Pitch record for each song is recorded in the Song's Detail panel which you, as a member can view. We have a feature where Producers can login and listen to Approved Songs. You are notified when this occurs.


We work closely with many producers. If a producer wants to sign you with an artist, we start the paperwork as your publisher. We take care of registering the song with Harry Fox who sells the licenses for the song and tracks the royalty payments.


Be sure to register your new songs with BMI or ASCAP. We work mainly with BMI. If your song is signed with an artist we will take care of the Harry Fax registration for you.

Our Advantages

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When any action takes place against your song, you are immediately notified.


We take pride in helping our songwriters on a personal level.

Twenty Years Experience

We are songwriters first and foremost. We have years of experience to share.

The Portal

You will love our browser based App for Songwriters. Upload and Track the status of your songs in real time.

Best Support Available

We offer many ways to receive help when you need it. Online Support Chat, Phone, Knowledge Base, Help Tickets, EMail.

Monthly Newsletter

Receive our "Look Who's Looking List" with Portal updates every month. Find out which Artists are looking for material.

Songwriters Services Are Exactly What You Need


I just wanted you to know I appreciate everything you guy's do at the Portal and the Great communications between everyone! I have several PPL pitching my songs and you are by far Professional, Kind, and that crazy work ethic that inevitably leads to success!


Songwriter and Member

Songwriters Portal has efficiently streamlined the process of pitching my music. Their line of communication and friendliness has been excellent. I really couldn't ask for anything more in regards to a pitching service. Keep up the good work!!


Songwriter and Member

Hi Guys...I just wanted to tell you both how excellent you guys have made this experience for me. You have made the song come alive and it sounds amazing! I am so pumped up to see where this goes and I will certainly be working with you guys again. Thank you both again.


Songwriter and Member

This is just another great reason to reach out to Cam and Wes at Songwriters Portal!!! They are the best to work with...I know that from experience...and if you walk away with a song cut, or placement in a film or television, or a publishing contract...that's fantistic!!! All I know is there are very few people standing on my front porch asking me for songs...these Guys get my music out there!!!


Songwriter and Member

Now that I've had time to digest this news, I want to thank you guys for doing what you're doing. Your company is innovative and you're actually making it easier for the "little people" who aren't networked into Nashville to get a fair shot. I am really so grateful. Again, I can't thank you enough. What you're doing feels like new ground, and I suspect it's going to shake up the songwriting world.


Songwriter and Member

It's great having a service like Songwriters Portal to pitch your music and to get real time results of when a song is pitched to or played by an industry person. They are great at communicating if you have any questions or don't understand something. Very one on one when it comes to you as a songwriter and your songs.


Songwriter and Member